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IoT-based Safe Production Solution

Combustion Optimization Solution for Boilers

Time of issue:2021-09-24 22:29:50

It provides real-time online monitoring data of carbon content in fly ash, helping operators with combustion optimization to effectively reduce the carbon content in fly ash and improve the combustion efficiency. It is equipped with a reducing atmosphere analysis system to help lower the probability of high temperature sulfur corrosion of the water wall and prevent pipe bursts, ensuring safe and stable operation of the unit.

Combustion optimization


Furnace Reducing Atmosphere Analysis System

It is installed on the boiler furnace wall of the power plant to monitor the CO, O2, and H2S concentration near the water-cooled wall in real time, avoiding the high-temperature sulfur corrosion of the water-cooled wall.

UCMS10 Online Fly Ash Carbon Tester

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