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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

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China-based GLTech is an international high-tech enterprise committed to becoming a high-end equipment enterprise with core R&D and manufacturing technologies.

GLTech is a high-tech enterprise, an AAA-level credit enterprise and has been approved as a software enterprise with certified software products. In recent years, it has won many honorable titles, like "the most promising enterprise in electronic information technology development", "a model of integrated informatization and industrialization in Henan Province", "an enterprise with advantages in intellectual property in Henan Province", "one of the first key IoT enterprises in Henan Province", "a pilot enterprise for digitalization in the information technology project of the manufacturing industry in Henan Province", and the winner of the Zhengzhou Mayor's Quality Award. It is one of the 27 among Top 100 Enterprises assessed by the State Administration of Work Safety. GLTech has successively passed ISO900 certification, ISO14000 certification, OHSAS18000 certification, and the Information System Integration and Services Qualification Certification (Grade II). It is also the first enterprise in Henan Province to pass the CMMI Maturity Level 5 Certification.

GLTech is engaged in the semiconductor equipment industry through R&D, production and sales of precision processing equipment used in the packaging and testing of semiconductor and other microelectronic devices, as well as the development and production of high-performance high-precision air spindles. The main products include: a range of dicing and cutting equipment for semiconductor and other microelectronic device substrates, which are key equipment for manufacturing semiconductor devices (e.g. IC chips, sonars and various sensors), and high-performance, high-precision air static pressure spindles, air dynamic pressure spindles, air slide guides, banding wheels, precision linear guides and drivers that are used in the precise and efficient cutting and grinding process for semiconductor industrial chip packaging.

GLTech's IoT safety production monitoring business involves three categories of products: mine safety production monitoring, energy-saving and eco-friendly power safety, and special supporting equipment. The first two categories provide overall solutions to early risk perception, early warning and hazard prediction so as to ensure safety monitoring and energy-saving industrial production. The special supporting equipment refers to the electronic control system and training simulator of the special engineering equipment (pontoon bridge). This system is important for the automatic control of the pontoon bridge, and has functions like job control, online fault detection and system status display.

The management and innovation capability determines the operational efficiency of an enterprise. To further improve the company's operational efficiency, GLTech is actively improving an effective group management and control system. GLTech is making efforts to enhance its control and collaborative management of subsidiaries and integrate business entities that differ in management models, business concepts, and corporate cultures in different regions and industries, so as to maximize benefits and the synergies of technology and supply chain. Persisting in "forging ahead with innovation", GLTech is committed to becoming a high-end equipment R&D and manufacturing enterprise with core technologies.

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