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KDW1140/24B Flame-proof and Intrinsically Safe DC Stabilized Power Supply for Coal Mines

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KDW1140/24B Flame-Proof and Intrinsically Safe Dc Stabilized Power Supply for Coal Mines (hereinafter referred to as power supply) is class ib power supply, which mainly supplies power to underground sub-stations and sensors. The power supply has multiple outputs and is completely isolated. Each power supply has overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection, etc. The backup battery uses an environmentally friendly nickel metal hydride battery pack.


◎ The power output has the functions of current-limiting, voltage-limiting, and short circuit protection, as well as automatic recovery after the fault is removed;

◎ The backup power supply is nickel metal hydride battery pack, and has the functions of overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, and short circuit protection. It can work continuously for more than 4 hours under full load in case of AC power failure, and its cycle service life is over 3 times that of the traditional lead-acid battery.

◎The power supply can remotely charge and discharge and maintain the backup power supply. Maintenance personnel can remotely force battery discharge and AC power recovery through the upper computer of the ground station, which reduces workload, improves efficiency, and saves time and effort.

◎The power supply has the functions of uploading information such as AC and DC status, battery and voltage of backup power supply. The information can be uploaded to the sub-station and displayed through isolated RS485.

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