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KJJ660 Flame-proof and Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switch for Coal Mines

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KJJ660 Flame-Proof and Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switch for Coal Mines is a high-performance gigabit industrial Ethernet switch specially developed by our company for underground coal mines, suitable for the construction of coal mine monitoring system or automated backbone network. It can transmit data reliably in real time.



◎The switch is a high-performance 1000M backbone network switch, suitable for constituting a backbone network of coal mines.

◎The backup battery uses a high-performance Ni-MH battery, which is more than 3 times the life of lead-acid batteries, effectively reducing maintenance costs.

◎The battery can be fully charged in a short time to maximum the battery life, and it is an environment-friendly product without harmful substances such as lead and cadmium.

◎The switch conforms to the IEEE802.3 protocol and has an Ethernet optical port and an Ethernet electrical port to support full duplex.

◎The switch has an RS485 data interface to meet the relevant requirements of MT/T899.

◎The switch supports ring redundant network structures.

◎The switch offers initialization parameter settings and power-down protections. Initialization parameters can be entered and modified via the network or programming interface.

◎The switch can be managed via a network and supports SNMP.

◎The switch supports VLAN.

◎The switch can control the flow.

◎The switch offers self-diagnosis and fault indication.

◎The switch can indicate power supply, working status, and communication status.

◎The input and output signals of the switch are intrinsically safe.

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