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KJ370-F(B) Intrinsically Safe Sub-station for Coal Mines

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KJ370-F (B) Intrinsically Safe Sub-station for Coal Mines (referred to as sub-station) is the key component equipment of the underground part of the coal mine safety production monitoring system, and has the functions of analog quantity acquisition, digital quantity acquisition, switch quantity acquisition, transmission, storage control and so on.

The sub-station can realize such functions as sound and light alarm (by sensor) and power failure control in case of methane over-limit.

The sub-station can realize the methane wind power locking function, which can meet the relevant requirements in the General Technical Requirements of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System (AQ 6201-2019).

Complete the upgrade and obtain the safety mark in accordance with the Technical Program for Upgrading and Transformation of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System (MAJ[2016] No. 5).


◎A 4.3" true color TFT LCD screen is used to display all monitoring channel information at the same time;

◎The built-in intelligent sensor analysis function supports automatic diagnosis, automatic calibration management and intelligent analysis of intelligent sensors;

◎The built-in high-performance switch provides the network cascading function, and supports automatic topology discovery and direct communication between sub-stations;

◎The sub-station can independently realize underground off-site power failure and associated control between sub-stations;

◎The sub-station can transmit the measured parameters and working status of each sensor to the ground central station in real time;

◎The sub-station can accurately execute various control commands sent by the ground central station to the underground;

◎The sub-station has the function of initialization parameter setting and power failure protection.

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