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LH1500-NH3 Ammonia laser online leak detector

LH1500-NH3 Ammonia laser online leak detector

Product introduction

LH1500-NH3 Ammonia laser online leak detector is a multipoint ammonia leak detection alarm system collecting laser gas detection technology and communication skill in one composed by ammonia laser leak detection host and ammonia laser leak detection transmitter. Centralized monitoring of maximum 15 measuring points can be realized and it’s equipped with functions of ammonia distributed multipoint laser monitoring, ammonia concentration overrun acousto-optic alarm etc.

Performance characteristics

Adopting of high-resolution laser absorption spectral technique eliminates the interference from cross gas, and avoids false alarm of ammonia monitoring.

Adopting of wavelength modulation spectral technique improves the sensitivity, accuracy and speed of ammonia detection.

Adopting of optical fiber sensing technique achieves remote monitoring.

The transmitter possesses the functions of local measurement value display and acousto-optic alarm, while the local configuration can be realized after being equipped with a special remote controller.

10.4 inches industrial-grade high-definition color LCD is adopted in host with a resolution up to 1024*768, window based human-computer interface and dropdown menu.

Host input interface: ammonia laser transmitter of maximum 15 circuits.

Host output interface: 15 circuits of 4-20mA, 15 circuits of high level alarm, 15 circuits of ultra-high level alarm and 1 circuit of RS485.

Large capacity flash memory chip is adopted in host for the storage of historical data and data will not be lost when power off. Data can be consecutively saved as long as 100 days with 1 set of data per minute. The user can query any data or historical curves by date.

Technical parameters

Measuring range:(0~100)ppm

Resolution: 0.1ppm

Intrinsic error: ≤±2%FS

Response time: T90≤60s

Monitoring point: ≤15

The transmitter:

Power supply voltage: (12~36)VAC, ≤100mA

Display mode: OLED self-luminous industrial display screen with resolution of 132*64

Alarm mode: acousto-optic alarm

Operation mode: infrared remote controller local configuration

Explosion-proof mark: Exia IIC T3

The host:

Power supply voltage: (110~240)VAC,(50±2)Hz, ≤0.25A

Display mode: 10.4 inches of industrial grade high-definition color LCD screen with resolution of 1024*768

Analog output: 15 circuits of 4-20mA with a maximum load resistance of 500Ω

Digital output: 1 circuit of RS485

Alarm output: 15 circuits of high level and ultra-high level alarm. Alarm values can be set. SPST mode.

Alarm output contact capacity: 250V AC/5A, 30V DC/5A

Explosion-proof mark: Exia IIC