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AEMS10 Ammonia escaping online monitoring system

AEMS10 Ammonia escaping online monitoring system

Product introduction

AEMS10 Ammonia escaping online monitoring system is a late-model in-situ laser monitoring equipment specially aimed at the measurement of NH3 escape quantity under the environment of high temperature, high humidity and heavy dust in ammonia removal denitrification rear zone.

The establishment of a set of mature ammonia escaping monitoring system, which can achieve a precise and real-time monitoring of ammonia escaping quantity in denitrification rear zone, also with timely and effective adjustment of ammonia injection volume in fore in accordance with monitoring data, is the most effective approach to reduce equipment corrosion, improve denitrification efficiency, realize energy saving and emission reduction and finally secure high-performance operation.

Performance characteristics

By adopting the improved TDLAS laser measurement technique, an accurate measurement of the ammonia concentration at high temperature is creatively realized no subject to the interference of cross gas.

The original creation of “cyclic measurement + emptying measurement” dual operating mode greatly improves the measurement speed on the basis of ensuring the accuracy.

In-situ line sampling. Sampling probe is inserted into the flue core area without gas adsorption effect, while the ammonia concentration in the flue could be reflected accurately.

Unique multi temperature resistant filtering device refrains from the effect of dust in the flue on the measurement data.

Periodical automatic cleaning technology prevents the light path being polluted by the dust.

Periodical automatic calibration technology prevents measurement drifts. The maintenance is also correspondingly convenient.

Zero maintenance on site has been basically achieved.

Local storage of big data can be consecutively saved as long as 100 days with 1 set of data per minute.

Technical parameters