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ZJJ10 Methane (gas) laser leak detector

ZJJ10 Methane (gas) laser leak detector

Product introduction

Catalytic sensor or infrared sensor will be usually adopted for monitoring of gas (methane) leakage volume in the domestic gas power plants. Due to poor stability of its own, catalytic element should be calibrated every 7 days in general and this is truly a heavy workload. Affected by temperature and moisture, the infrared sensor will produce serious drifts under the working condition with methane content of less than 1%, therefor it should be calibrated frequently. Owing to the superior advantages of good monochromaticity and long-term stability, the laser gas detection technology, based on TDLAS, is especially suitable for multi-point methane leakage volume detection in gas power plant. Consisting of laser methane detector host, laser methane probe and others, ZJJ10 leak detector possesses functions of distributed multi-point laser methane detection, methane concentration overrun acousto-optic alarm, analog transmitter input, analog output and control output etc.  

Performance characteristics

Excellent long-term stability and calibration period of more than 1 year

Adopting of high-resolution laser absorption spectral technology and eliminating the interference of cross gas

Adopting of wavelength modulation spectral technology and improvement of sensitivity, accuracy as well as measuring speed of methane monitoring

Adopting optical fiber sensing technology and realization of accurate monitoring of remote passive methane

Functions of digital output, analog output and control output

The host is equipped with analog and digital transmitter input interface

The host supports local configuration, remote configuration and various control commands issued by the central station

The host adopts industrial grade color LCD screen with the function of automatically dormancy

The host is equipped with the function of methane overrun alarm while the probe possesses functions of local display and acousto-optic alarm

Technical parameters

Power supply: 110~240V, 50±2Hz

Monitoring point: ≤15

Monitoring capacity: analog transmitter input interface: 8 (optional)

Digital transmitter input interface: 8 (optional)

Device output: analog output: 7 circuits or 15 circuits 4-20mA

Digital output 1: 1 circuit of 100-Mbps combo or interface (optional)

Digital output 2: 1 circuit of RS485 (optional)

Digital output 3: wireless remote transfer interface (optional)

Control output interface: 8 (optional)

Methane monitoring range: 0.00%-4.00% or 0.00%-10.0%

Methane monitoring error: ±0.03% when 0.00%-1.00%

±0.03% of the true value when 1.00%-10.00%

Methane monitoring sensitivity: 0.01%

Methane monitoring display resolution: 0.01%

Methane monitoring response time: ≤20s (when 15 probes)