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AEMS10 Ammonia escaping online monitoring system

AEMS10 Ammonia escaping online monitoring system

Product introduction

AEMS10 Ammonia escaping online monitoring system is a late-model in-situ laser monitoring equipment specially aimed at the measurement of NH3 escape quantity under the environment of high temperature, high humidity and heavy dust in ammonia removal denitrification rear zone.

The establishment of a set of mature ammonia escaping monitoring system, which can achieve a precise and real-time monitoring of ammonia escaping quantity in denitrification rear zone, also with timely and effective adjustment of ammonia injection volume in fore in accordance with monitoring data, is the most effective approach to reduce equipment corrosion, avoid dust accumulation in boiler air preheater, improve denitrification efficiency, realize energy saving and emission reduction and finally secure high-performance operation.

Performance characteristics

◆ 原位测量
◆ 封闭腔式测量
◆ 一体式结构

Technical parameters

Measuring approach: in-situ closed cavity measurement of single-ended insertion

Measuring range: options of 0~20/50/100ppm

Linear main difference: ≤±1%F.S

Resolution: 0.01ppm

System structure: control cabinet + probe (distributed design of “one-to-two” can be selected)

Working temperature range of probe: 250-400℃

Display mode: TFT color LCD
Digital output (Reservation): 1 circuit of GPRS, and 1 circuit of RS485

Power supply: 220(1±10%)VAC