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LH1500-NH3 Ammonia laser online leak detector

LH1500-NH3 Ammonia laser online leak detector

Product introduction

LH1500-NH3 Ammonia laser online leak detector is a multipoint ammonia leak detection alarm system collecting laser gas detection technology and communication skill in one composed by ammonia laser leak detection host and ammonia laser leak detection transmitter. Centralized monitoring of maximum 15 measuring points can be realized and it’s equipped with functions of ammonia distributed multipoint laser monitoring, ammonia concentration overrun acousto-optic alarm etc.

Performance characteristics

◆ 监测更准确--激光检测技术
◆ 维护更省心--长期无需标校
◆ 寿命更长久--无损检测
◆ 使用更经济--分布式结构

Technical parameters

Measuring range:(0~100)ppm

Measuring accuracy: ≤±2%F.S

Resolution: 0.1ppm

The transmitter: 

Display mode: OLED self-luminous industrial display screen with resolution of 132*64

Alarm mode: acousto-optic alarm on the spot

The host:

Power supply voltage: (110~240)VAC,(50±2)Hz, ≤0.25A

Display mode: 10.4 inches of industrial grade high-definition color LCD screen with resolution of 1024*768

Alarm output contact capacity: 250V AC/5A, 30V DC/5A