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Dust comprehensive management system

Dust comprehensive management system

Product introduction

High pressure curtain: After cross impact with the dust, the magnetic fog produced by the spiral tooth patent nozzle will generate electrostatic bonding with the dust particles instantly. This reaction accelerates landing of the dust and improves dust suppression rate, solving the difficult problem of low dust suppression rate of general spray on insoluble dust.

High efficiency of dust suppression: The governance effect of the magnetic fog produced under high pressure on respirable dust less then 10μm can reach up to more than 96% which avoids the harm of silicosis on human health significantly.

Energy saving and emission reduction: Litter consumption of water. No calorific value loss in the process of dust treatment. No secondary pollution.

Fully automatic control: The adoption of industrial PLC as the control core and the intelligent linkage with coal handling equipment realize comprehensively automatic operation and unattended operation.

The adopted large screen touch LCD is with the storage function for more than 300 days of historical curves, and it is capable to display operation status of the system and various parameter conditions of the equipment in real time.

Low requirement for water quality: The adoption of automatic back flushing device and the self-cleaning anti-blocking patented nozzle simultaneously is quite suitable for water sources of flushing water of power plant and industrial wastewater.

The adoption of anti-freezing patented technology ensures the normal use under the environment of low temperature in winter.

Comprehensively multiple means of dust control: The combination of the sealing and high pressure curtain, the combination of the return belt self-cleaning and high pressure curtain and the combination of negative pressure air return induction device and high pressure curtain achieve a dust integrated treatment from the production source of the dust.

Performance characteristics

Technical parameters