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The dust control scheme for train dumper

The dust control scheme for train dumper

Product introduction

Coal unloading of train dumper employs single “C” through type uploading dumper system. In the landing process of coal in the carriage to the coal unloading ditch through the dumper, the induced air generated in the rollover process will carry a large amount of dust which will diffuse outwards through the import & export of carriages and gaps at both ends of coal unloading ditch, with the characteristics of great amount of dust, short duration and fast diffusion speed.

Combined with the specific conditions of the site, our dust suppression system comprehensively considers the features of dust generation in the process of coal uploading of train dumper, and adopts the independent control nozzle group which can be separately set up for different dust generation points to reduce the dust.

Performance characteristics

According to the different overturning angle of the dumper, the system actualizes spraying and dust reduction automatically, progressively and step by step, decreasing the consumption of water.

According to the water content of pulverized coal, the spraying time can be set automatically.

The adopted large screen touch LCD is with the storage function for more than 300 days of historical curves, and it is capable to display operation status of the system and various parameter conditions of the equipment in real time.

The system is equipped with the function of automatic fault detection and protection, to avoid damages of the instruments.

The adoption of automatic back flushing device and the self-cleaning anti-blocking patented nozzle simultaneously is quite suitable for water sources of flushing water of power plant.

The adoption of anti-freezing patented technology ensures the normal use under the environment of low temperature.

The adoption of industrial PLC as the control core and the intelligent linkage with coal handling equipment realize comprehensively automatic operation and unattended operation.

Technical parameters

Working pressure: 5-10MPa

Water supply pressure: 0.3-0.7MPa

Atomizing particle size: 5-20μm

Spraying angle: 30-110°

Working voltage: 380V AC±10% 50Hz

Rated power: 55kW

Water consumption: 0.8L/min

Ball valve: 24V DC 12MPa

Communication interface: RS485