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XACT500-DP Online gas purity & humidity analyzer

XACT500-DP Online gas purity & humidity anal

Product introduction

XACT500-DP Online gas purity & humidity analyzer is composed by XACT500 Online gas purity analyzer, DEWTRON250 Online precision dew point meter (optional) and accessional sampling device cabinet. XACT500 Online gas purity analyzer is equipped with the most advanced thermal conductivity detector. There are two groups of particularly stable and fine hot wires in XACT500 measuring system while one group is connected with the gas to be measured and the other reference gas (can be flowing, also be sealed. It will be determined mainly by the range and gas to be measured). This analyzer is exclusively used in the fields of electric power, petrochemical, natural gas, metallurgy and others.

Performance characteristics

The thermal conductivity detector applied by XACT500 is the sensor or transmitter with the most reliable performance and it is most widely used in gas purity instrument manufactures.

XAC500 is equipped with functions of digital output and analog signal output simultaneously, and data can be directly sent to DCS as well as data communication with remote computer

With characteristic of super oil-pollution resistance

Adoption of stainless steel connecting pipe fittings with good airtightness, high security and reliability

Technical parameters

Technical parameters of XACT500 Online gas purity analyzer

Measuring range of three-range digitization XACT500 online gas purity analyzer:

Measuring range of H2 content in CO2: 0%-100% with accuracy ±0.5%

Measuring range of air content in CO2: 0%-100% with accuracy ±0.5%

Measuring range of H2 purity in hydrogen cooling generator in operation: 90%-100% with accuracy ±0.1%

Sample velocity range: 50-200 mL/min (recommended velocity: 150mL/min)

Cable: the standard configuration is three-core cable of 3 meters. Maximum length is up to 1200 meters.

Analog output: 4-20mA

Display mode: LCD screen

Ambient temperature: the standard range is -10℃--+50℃ with an optional range of -10℃--+65℃

Explosion-proof mark: Exd IIC T6 Gb

Technical parameters of DEWTRON250 Hydrogen humidity instrument (optional)

Measuring range: dew point of -110℃--+60℃

Correction range: dew point of -80℃--+20℃

Precision: dew point or -65℃--+50℃, ±0.5℃ within the range

Resolution: dew point 0.1℃ or 1ppm

Unit: dew point of ℃, ℉, ppm, g/m3
Operation temperature: ≤70℃

Operation pressure: ≤1.5MPa

Display: LCD screen

Working voltage: AC220V or DC24V

Rated power: 4W

Advance alarm output: single-pole double throw switch

Output capacity: 250V/5A

Analog output: 4-20mA

Factory setting: -100℃--20℃ is equivalent with current output of -100℃--+20℃. This can be set by users.

Explosion-proof mark: Exd IIC T4 Gb