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KJ428 Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement monitoring

KJ428 Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement monitoring system for coal mine

Product introduction

KJ428 Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement monitoring system for coal mine is comprised of the intrinsically-safety type optical fiber temperature measuring control cabinet, temperature sensing optical fiber (cable), measuring software and other ancillary equipment. By laying temperature sensing optical fiber (cable) in the monitoring area, the temperature will be fed back to the optical fiber temperature measuring control cabinet via optical signal in real time, then optical fiber temperature measuring cabinet will calculate the temperature data, finally measuring software will accomplish fire early warning in accordance with temperature information. Temperature measuring host can upload temperature and warning information to ground monitoring center via data interface.

Performance characteristics

Flexible alarm mode: multiple alarm modes include fixed temperature, differential temperature and differential fixed temperature etc. multi-grade alarm threshold can be set up independently and divisionally. Fire alarm locates accurately and system reset is convenient after the elimination of alarm.

Safe and reliable: the temperature sensing optical fiber is intrinsically safe with anti-electromagnetic interference, and is particularly suitable for use in complex underground environment.

Self-diagnostic function: system faults can be judged and descripted initiatively, while their positions also can be located accurately. System reset can be implemented automatically after the troubleshooting.

Real-time: the system is equipped with functions of real-time data collection, real-time data processing, real-time alarm which guarantee accuracy and timeliness of fire early waring in monitoring region.

Searching function: the historical data can be saved in the system for queries at any time, which is beneficial to the accumulation of experience and accident trend analysis.  

Technical parameters

Temperature measuring range: -40.0℃~120.0℃

Temperature measuring accuracy:±1℃

Resolution: 0.1℃

Location accuracy: ≤1m

Alarm mode: fixed temperature / differential temperature / differential fixed temperature

Detection mode: distributed

Restorability: recoverable

Function composing: detection alarm type

Measuring mode: single ended or loop

Inspection cycle: ≤30s