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Coal mine methane drainage pipe network (pump station) monitoring system

Coal mine methane drainage pipe network (pump station) monitoring system

Product introduction

Based on our self-developed network equipment of sensing equipment, control equipment, substation equipment, data exchanging and interface, as well as equipment of the 3rd party sensing & control and ground host device from external purchase or being available for users, this coal mine pipe network monitoring system of Guangli Tech has realized real-time monitoring of measuring points in the methane drainage pipe network, such as drainage filed, branch pipe, main pipe and pump station, and abnormal measuring point, pipeline section with leakage or block, dangerous areas can be totally detected timely, then the optimal reference and suggestion on suitable disposal solution aiming at abnormal situations will be raised to provide evidence for methane drainage effect evaluation. The system adopts system diagram, topological graph and electronic drawing to implement real-time monitoring and inspection, which could effectively manage the hierarchy relationship of the equipment, physical connection relationship and incident relationship between location and business. Monitoring and inspection of methane drainage pipe network and online business analyzing can be carried on intuitively and professional. The 3rd party software data service interface provided by the system can completely integrate seamless data and business with the 3rd party monitoring and inspection system, the superior monitoring and inspection, and automatic management platform.

Performance characteristics

Technical parameters