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GJG10J Laser methane sensor for coal mien

GJG10J Laser methane sensor for coal mine

Product introduction

GJG10J Laser methane sensor for coal mine adopts the laser absorption spectroscopy technology and it is an high-performance environmental methane monitoring instrument with the features of accurate measurement, long calibration period without the interference of moisture and other cross gases, mainly used for coal mine underground or other places needing the monitoring of environmental methane concentration.

Performance characteristics

The laser gas detection module is separately packaged, while it can be removed and replaced entirely with convenient maintenance.

Support 3 signal transmission modes of frequency, RS485 and CAN.

Technical parameters

Measuring range: 0.00%-10.0%

Response time: T90:≤15s

Working voltage: 9-24 VDC

Alarm mode: acousto-optic alarm. The red alarm optical signal can be clearly seen in the dark environment of 20 meters and alarm sound intensity is not less than 80 dB (A) from the distance of 1 meter away from the sound signal.

Display resolution: 0.01% CH4

Transmission distance: not less than 2km

Working environment:

Temperature: (-10-50)°C

Relative humidity: (15-95)%RH

Atmosphere pressure: (20-116)kPa

Explosion-proof type: Intrinsically safe type for mine use (explosion-proof mark: Exib I Mb)