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Coal mine ventilation network safety monitoring system

Coal mine ventilation network safety monitoring system

Product introduction

Coal mine ventilation network safety monitoring system aims at the actual business application needs of coal mine ventilation network safety. Based on the high precision sensing equipment and high intelligent collecting and transmission equipment independently developed by Guangli Tech, fully functional ventilation network safety monitoring system software and the 3rd perception and control device externally purchased or owned by users, according to the measuring points of different business needs including ventilation equipment such as local blower, ventilation facilities such as ventilation door or air duct, the main roadway, pedestrian roadway, working area, mining working face, the deployed perception and acquisition equipment will access to the ground monitoring system which has installed the ventilation network safety monitoring system software through the transmission network, by means of visual monitoring and analyzing ways such as the systematical diagram, topology map, electronic drawing, equipment operation stage diagram, business operation chart, video and voice, the constructed instantly business analysis model and expert business analysis model related with the business of the user achieve a online monitoring and timely analysis, diagnosis, evaluation and control of the important location’s ventilation quality, climate, air quality and working environment, complete the centralized monitoring and control of local blowers, realize the monitoring and regulation of air quality in abnormal roadway and regions, establish a methane occurrence distribution regularity model of methane geologic map, and finally achieve a monitoring, forecasting, analysis and evaluation of methane emission in mining face, methane drainage and outburst risk of mine and methane.

Performance characteristics

Technical parameters