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CCF-7000 Direct-reading dust concentration measuring instrument

CCF-7000 Direct-reading dust concentration measuring instrument

Product introduction

CCF-7000 Direct-reading dust concentration measuring instrument is a new generation dust concentration measuring instrument after GH100E direct-reading dust concentration measuring instrument. This project product has successively won the support of small and medium-sized enterprise science of technology innovation fund of the State Ministry of science and technology, and the electronic development fund of the Ministry of information industry, and has been listed in the National Torch Plan of new product and awarded a number of patents. The ultra-wide measuring range and ultra-high measuring accuracy has won the trust of the majority of users.

Performance characteristics

Range: 0.01mg/m3 ~7000mg/m3

A portable and explosion-proof type of dust measuring instrument with small size, light weight

The dust measuring instrument is compatible with the sampler.


Technical parameters

Typical measuring range: 0.01mg/mm3~7000mg/mm3
Total dust as well as the respiratory dust can be measured, sampling efficiency of the respiratory dust is in line with the BMRC sampling efficiency curve.

Measuring accuracy: ±10%

The intrinsically safe power supply is powered by a lithium battery for power supply without voltage memory effect. A full charge can be used continuously for more than 120 minutes.

Strong environmental suitability: 

temperature: -10~45℃  atmosphere pressure: 80kPa~110kPa  relative humidity: ≤±95%(when in 25℃)

This system can store half a month of measurement results and the data can be uploaded to the computer and deeply processed through a equipped dedicated management software.

Explosion-proof mark: ExibI Mb