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GCG1000 (A) Dust concentration sensor

GCG1000 (A) Dust concentration sensor

Product introduction

GCG1000 (A) Dust concentration sensor is smart in appearance and superior in performance collecting the detection system, control system, power supply system, sampling system and single chip microcomputer system in one, which fulfills online dust concentration monitoring and synchronous display of the measuring data. Equipped with the function of switching output, switching value alarm signal will be output when the dust concentration is higher than the set alarm value, which will drive the spraying dust reduction system timely. The sensor is one of the most advanced linear dust concentration measuring instruments at home and abroad with the features of small volume, light weight, high precision, simple measuring operation and high reliability.

With the characteristics of no need of replacing filter membrane, water-proof and anti-fog, the sensor has overcame the zero drift problem existing in long-term operation, and has solved the technical difficulty of “dust concentration online monitoring” plaguing coal mine enterprise for quite a long time which is conducive to the prevention of occurrence of dust explosion accident. After connected to the network, technical personnel on the ground can carry on an online monitoring of dust concentration underground for 24 hours.

Performance characteristics

Without the need of replacing filter membrane, the sensor truly realizes monitoring function of dust concentration automatically with free maintenance.

In the process of spraying dust reduction, the sensor can automatically identity the water mist and dust which could effectively avoid the phenomenon of “no spraying when in dust and continuously spraying without stop once begin”.

The sensor is equipped with automatic calibration function and it can be automatically calibrated according to the state of itself.

Dry guided sampling ensures a self-cleaning of the measuring channel, stable measuring data and free maintenance.

Technical parameters

measuring range: 0.01mg/m3~1000mg/m3

Operation environmental condition:

Working temperature: 0℃~40℃

Relative humidity: ≤98%(when in 25℃)

Barometric pressure: 86kPa~110kPa

Output signal:

Frequency: signal of 200Hz~1000Hz frequency

Current: 0mA~20mA/4mA~20mA/1mA~5mA

Switching value: 0V/5V

Signal transmission distance: 2km

Outline dimensions: 206mm×155mm×146mm

The worst storage temperature: -40℃~+60℃

Explosion-proof type: Intrinsically safe type for mine use (explosion-proof mark: Exib I)