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KJJ660 Intrinsically safe type Ethernet switch for coal mine

KJJ660 Intrinsically safe type Ethernet switch for coal mine

Product introduction

KJJ660 Intrinsically safe type Ethernet switch for coal mine is a high performance Gigabit Ethernet switch produced by our company specially designed for coal mine underground, which is suitable for the main network construction of coal mine monitoring system or automation platform, with the features of high real-time data transmission and strong reliability.

Performance characteristics

The first Ethernet switch product for coal mine via Exd[ia] explosion-proof safety grade certification in the domestic

As a high performance main network switch of 1000M, it is suitable for the formation of coal mine main network.

The nickel-metal hydride battery is the back power supply replacing the lead-acid battery. By the adoption of high performance nickel metal hydride battery, the life of backup power supply is more than 3 times of the life of lead-acid battery which effectively reducing the maintenance cost.

With quick charging speed, the battery is with the maximum capacity to ensure the battery life. Meanwhile as an environmentally friendly product, there is no harmful substance of lead within the battery.

The switch accords with IEEE802.3 protocol and is equipped with Ethernet optical interface and electrical interface which supports full duplex.

The switch is equipped with RS485 data interface which accords with the related requirements of MT/T899.

The switch supports the ring redundant network structure.

The switch is equipped with functions of initialization parameter setting and power down protection. The initialization parameter can be input and modified through the network or the programming interface.

The switch is managerial and supports management functions of SNMP and etc. 

The switch is equipped with VLAN function.

The switch is equipped with flow control function.

The switch is equipped with self-diagnosis and fault indication functions.

The switch is equipped with indication function of power, working state and communication state.

The input and output signals of the switch belong to intrinsically safe type.

Technical parameters

Rated working voltage: 660V/380V/220V/127VAC (transformer tapping)

Frequency: 50Hz, with an allowable error ±5%

Transformer maximum power: 200W

Backup power supply

24V/8Ah nickel-metal hydride battery group (20 sections of 1.2V battery connected in series)

Working time: ≥2h

Optical signal interface 

   1) Interface number: 3 (2 optical modules as the standard configuration)

   2) Transmission mode: 1310nm single mode optical fiber transmission  

   3) Connection mode: LC 

   4) Transmission speed: 1000Mbps 

   5) Optical emission power: ≥-10Bm 

   6) Optical receiving sensitivity: -36dBm 

   7) Maximum transmission distance: 10km 

Ethernet electrical signal interface

   1) Interface number: 3

   2) Transmission mode: full duplex TCP/IP protocol

   3) Transmission speed: 10/100Mbps self-adaption

   4) Peak value of signal working voltage peak: 1V~5V 

   5) Transmission distance: 100m 

RS485 interface 

   1) Interface number: 4

   2) Transmission mode: half-duplex, bipolar

   3) Transmission speed: 2400bps (configurable)

   4) Peak value of signal working voltage peak: 5V~15V 

  5) Peak value of signal working current: ≤100mA 

   6) Explosion-proof mark: Exd[iaMa] I Mb