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KJ835 Coal mine safety monitoring system

KJ835 Coal mine safety monitoring system

Product introduction

KJ835 Coal mine safety monitoring system, based on the intelligent sensing and control device and intelligent collection and transmission device developed by Guangli Tech, the 3rd party sensing & control and ground host device from external purchase or being available for users, is a new generation of intelligent safety monitoring system with the basis of ventilation network safety and the core of methane safety treatment, facing internet of things of coal mine.

In terms of the full realization of AQ6201-2006 business requirements, KJ835 Coal mine safety monitoring system has integrated many mature technologies such as Guangli coal mine safety intelligent analysis platform, visualized monitoring and business analysis platform, methane comprehensive management platform, dust monitoring and reduction automation platform, distributed multi-dimensional centralized control platform, and has established many models such as equipment and business anomaly analysis model based on parameter self-correlation, parameter associated-correlation, parameter correlation within measuring points, parameter and measuring point correlation of business function group, as well as business evaluation analysis model, business prediction and early warning model which effectively improves the timeliness of abnormal diagnosis, professionalism of business evaluation and  accuracy of incident warning.

By the adopting of a variety of visualized monitoring approaches of system diagram, topological graph, CAD electrical drawing, KJ835 Coal mine safety monitoring system realizes object monitoring, fault diagnosis, intelligent disposal, business assessment, prediction and early warning etc. compared with traditional coal mine safety monitoring system, it is characterized with obviously features of visualization, automation, intelligence and instrumentation.

Performance characteristics

Full support for industry standard: The system comprehensively supports AQ6201-2006 and AQ1029-2007 coal mine safety monitoring business, and meanwhile it also provides fully support for methane drainage business requirement proposed in No.163 File (2011) and ventilation and methane treatment business requirement proposed in No.28 File (2013) of the State Administration of work safety.

Monitoring network automatic topology: By the adoption of the intelligent collection and transmission device developed by Guangli Tech, the system is capable to automatically perceive the device type of accessed intelligent sensor and corresponding parameters, also with its assess, removal and changing, with the coordination of safety monitoring software, automatic topology discovery and topological mapping of monitoring site network can be smoothly finished.

Visualized monitoring: A variety of visualized monitoring approaches provided by the system such as topology mapping, CAD electrical drawing, and methane geological map realize the integration of video monitoring and voice intercom and photo’s taking, video’s recording and on-site command when abnormal occurs are available.

Real-time business analysis: Through analysis models of parameter self-correlation, parameter correlation, measuring point correlation and business correlation, grading alarm facing sensor device and measuring point parameter is available, which will reduce the misdiagnosis and misinformation and timely improve the accuracy of abnormal discovery.

Mine safety business evaluation: The establishment of coal mine ventilation quality and ventilation air methane analysis models realizes the evaluation of coal mine ventilation quality, completes the visualized evaluation and analysis of coal mine air leakage volume (air leakage rate) and ventilation air methane volume (methane concentration) and finally provides statistical analysis statements of 12 months of 1 year, 30 days of 1 month and 24 hours of 1 day (see figure 1).
Figure 1: Coal mine safety business evaluation

Methane comprehensive treatment evaluation: Considering the different treatment stages and approaches of design, driving, mining and closing, based on the comprehensive analysis of coal seam methane geology and multi-source methane, the establishment of whole process management model of comprehensive treatment of coal seam methane achieves visualized monitoring, visualized analysis and visualized evaluation providing full reference to methane treatment in the homogeneous coal seams (see figure 2).
Figure 2: Methane comprehensive treatment evaluation

Methane accumulation diagnosis: Through the arrangement of measuring point methane monitoring parameter correlation in mining face and drilling face, the establishment of methane accumulation analysis model of the wind gallery achieves the timely detection of abnormal methane accumulation.

Dust monitoring and reduction automation: Based on dust online monitoring and dust reduction system topology, the establishment of visualized distributed central control model realizes a distributed centralized control of integrated dust monitoring and dust reduction automation aimed at different business needs.

Intelligent blower monitoring: The establishment of the multi-dimensional intelligent regulating model of frequency convention blower realizes site control automation, central control automation and manual control. Combined with working face permitted wind speed and local fan rated wind speed, autonomous frequency modulation and intelligent air supply of frequency convention local fan can be achieved, which guarantees a safety production in drilling face, the improvement of the blower efficiency and the reduction of air supply cost (see figure 3).
Figure 3: Intelligent blower monitoring

Technical parameters