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ZPCY127 Dust source tracking spraying dust reduction device for coal mine mining machine

ZPCY127 Dust source tracking spraying dust reduction device for coal mine mining machine

Product introduction

The device is mainly used for hydraulic support dust source tracing spraying, frame shift spraying and top coal caving spraying in the fully mechanized working face which can automatically locate the running position of mining machine, response the movement of hydraulic support, top coal caving pressure or movement changes, analyze and process the automatic control of the spraying through intelligent software. The location can be accurate enough using linear wireless positioning technology.

Performance characteristics

Intelligent analysis and processing system is able to adapt a variety of anomalies on the site, and automatically track the mining machine’s operation and carry on the spraying.    
Wireless linear positioning technology is a patented technology with precise positioning.

This system will not effected by environmental impact such as underground shelter, pedestrian, light, heat and others, and has overcame the shortcomings of frequent false signals of the infrared type. 

The patented atomized spraying nozzle is with features of fine grain size, uniform density and small water consumption.

The fog curtain of wide angle and fan-shaped can block dust successfully.

Lighting at both ends of the bracket

Technical parameters

Rated voltage: AC127V(+15%~-20%), 50HZ

Power: each roadway ≤40W (gross power = 40W x roadway number)

Location accuracy: ≤2m

Location mode: wireless local area network

Wireless emission: the distance ≥6m

Spraying mode: fan-shaped spraying nozzle covers full section of the roadway

Wind direction setting: wind lower distance of the mining machine can be set

Coal cutting spraying time delay: 0-5min (can be set)

Frame shift spraying area: 1-3 roadway of spraying in the wind lower part of frame shift point

Frame shift spraying time delay: 10-30s (can be set)

Coal caving spraying area: 1-3 roadway of spraying before and after coal caving supports (can be set)

Coal caving spraying time delay: 10-30s (can be set)

Maximum spraying tracks of the system: 100 roadways (400-600 of supports)

Working face lighting lamp: ≥1000Lm/roadway, built-in lamp of 18W/roadway

Working face lighting mode: full lighting and tracking lighting

System communication interface: RS485

Screen display: TFT-100/60 high grade color LCD

Ambient temperature: -20℃~+55℃

Explosion-proof mark: Exdib I Mb