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KJ370 Coal mine methane and dust monitoring system

KJ370 Coal mine methane and dust monitoring system

Product introduction

KJ370 Coal mine methane and dust monitoring system is a systematical solution of coal mine safety environment monitoring and control. It can be applied to underground safety monitoring system, methane drainage monitoring of various drainage pipelines, drilling field pipelines and pump station in real time, as well as dust monitoring and control of working faces in coal mine.

Performance characteristics

This system supports TCP/IP protocol. It can be directly connected with the industrial Ethernet to realize remote centralized monitoring, can also be connected with the integrated management information system of the enterprise local area network to achieve network information sharing.

With stable performances, all underground assemblies adopt the reliable design of water-proof, dust-free and high shock-proof.

This system is equipped with collecting and displaying functions of multiple analog quantity and switch quantity, an can achieve centralized management of methane drainage and dust monitoring through integrated management software.

This system is equipped with functions of self-diagnosis and self-protection as well as monitoring of system operation and fault status. It can also realize dual-server hot backup ensuring the safety of monitoring data.

Can independently carry on discrimination and power-off control with concentration overrun automatic alarm function of gas and dust.

High intelligent degree, friendly operation interface, intuitive display

Multi-channel and multi-standard sensor signal acquisition can receive and implement all kind of control commands from the host computer.

Technical parameters

System components:

Monitoring system software

All kind of sensor for safety monitoring system

Pipe network monitoring system of coal mine methane drainage

Dust monitoring and control system