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KJ428 Distributed laser fire monitoring system for coal mine

KJ428 Distributed laser fire monitoring system for coal mine

Product introduction

KJ428 Distributed laser fire monitoring system for coal mine is dedicated to solve the defects of the existing bundle pipe system in coal mining goaf on fire monitoring early warning such as slow response and unprocurable location. On the analysis basis of fire cause and occurrence process in mining goaf, utilizing of optical fiber sensing technique in the underground mining face realizes distributed continuously temperature measurement in long distance in goaf, and adopting of WMAS wavelength modulation absorption spectral technique achieves concentration’s successively monitoring of CH4, CO, C2H2, CO2 and O2 in goaf, finally all collected data will be transferred back to the ground in real-time through optical fiber ring network, taking advantage of goaf spontaneous combustion model, to attain purposes of monitoring, early warning and fireproof effect evaluation.

Performance characteristics

The most perfect fire prediction model, including temperature, CO, CH4, C2H2, O2 and CO2, collects distributed optical fiber sensing technique and laser multi-gas detection technique in one.

Adopting of high-resolution laser absorption spectral technique in gas detection eliminates the interference from cross gas, and avoids effects from dust and moisture in the measurement.
Optical fiber sensing technique applied in temperature measurement is substantially safe, simply being laid, accurate in measurement, without maintenance. Ignition point in goaf can be exactly positioned.

Local real-time continuously measurement with a quick response speed will not be influence by pipelines.

Laser self-acting calibration, with long calibration cycle

Technical parameters