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UCMS 10 On-line Fly Ash Carbon Meter

UCMS 10 On-line Fly Ash Carbon Meter

Product Description

It directly reflects the boiler combustion status, which helps the operators to adjust and optimize the combustion process.

Product Features

One-body structure/ in situ measurement

The measuring unit is an integrated structure of fly ash sampling and measurement, so there is no need to extract ash sample and directly complete the detection in the ash bucket.

It adopts the special technology of frequency spectrum analysis through which it analyzes the carbon content according to the spectrum characteristics of carbon unburned in the ash.

Technical Parameters

Measuring range0%~10.00%
Measurement accuracy±0.50%C
Operating temperature50~150℃
Output signal4~20mA
Power supply voltage220V
Detection time0.5-5min (different loads are different)
Gas source pressure0.4~ 0.7Mpa
Measurement periodReceiving the anodic rapping signal and measure the falling ash synchronously