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LGS-O2 Laser Trace Oxygen Analyzer

LGS-O2 Laser Trace Oxygen Analyzer

Product Description

It is used for real-time on-line monitoring oxygen content in hydrogen of hydrogen production station and generator.

Product Features

Laser detection technology -there is no missed alarm or false alarm caused by interference of other gases to the electrochemical sensors , instead ,that is not disturbed by oil, moisture and other gases, only sensitive to O2 with a high precision.

Long-term calibration free – it solves the problem of short calibration cycle and high maintenance cost of electrochemical sensor with above one year of calibration cycle and a high stability in a long time.

Long service life -- it completely solves the problems of short service life, poor pressure bearing , and easy poisoning in case of high concentration O2 ,which exist in electrochemical sensors.

The service life of core detecting components shall be more than 10 years; It’s non-expendable to make a gas detection for the relevant components so the components life is not affected by the detection.

Technical Parameters

Range0 ~ 2% O2
Linear error±1%FS
Response time1ppm
Response time< 20 seconds
Operating temperature-10~50℃
Analog output4~20mA
Protection levelNEMA 4X, IP66
Explosion-proof typeExia IIC T4