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LGA CO/O2 Laser Gas Analyzer

LGA CO/O2 Laser Gas Analyzer

Product Description

It’s installed inside the flue behind economizer to monitor the carbon monoxide and oxygen content of flue gas in real time.

Product Features

In real time:Very close to boiler, in situ monitoring, quick response

accurate and precise:Laser detection technology offers no influence of the interference gas, temperature and pressure, etc.

maintenance-free:Online automatic blowing and auto-zero

Long life time:The life of the detecting element is over 5 years, and the calibration cycle is more than 1 year.

Technical Parameters

Standard configurationsingle measuring point: support one CO measuring unit + one host
Measurement rangeCO: 0 ~ 1000ppm / 0 ~ 4000ppm; O2:0 ~ 10%
Measurement error±2%FS
Operating temperature250℃ ~ 400℃
Output interface2 channels (4 ~ 20) mA