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LH1500-NH3 Laser On-line Ammonia Leak Detector

LH1500-NH3 Laser On-line Ammonia Leak Detector

Product Description

It fully meets the requirements of national standards and specifications, and adopts advanced laser detection technology to realize real-time detection and alarm of trace ammonia leakage in power plants (ammonia area and denitrification ammonia injection area)

Product Features

It enables monitoring more accurate - laser detection technology

It’s very easy to maintain- No need to calibration in long term

It ensures a long use life- nondestructive testing(NDT))

It ensures a more economical use-- ] distributed structure

Technical Parameters

Measurement range(0 ~ 100) PPM
Measurement accuracy≤±2%FS
Resolution0.1 PPM
Display modeOLED self-luminous industrial display screen with a resolution of 132*64
Alarm modelocal sound and light alarm
Power supply(110 ~ 240) VAC; (50±2) Hz; 0.25 A or less
10.4-inch industrial hd true-color LCD screen with a resolution of 1024*768
Alarm output contactcapacity: 250V AC/5A; 30 v DC / 5 a
Analog output(4~20) mA
Alarm outputSPST mode