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AEMS10 Online Ammonia Escape Monitoring System

AEMS10 Online Ammonia Escape Monitoring System

Product Description

AEMS10 Ammonia online escape monitoring system helps power plants control ammonia-injected denitrification reaction.

Product Features

In-situ measurement: avoiding the error caused by exhausting flue absorbing ammonia.

Enclosed measurement: Standard gas can be directly fed into the device to achieve the online calibration

Integrated  structure : It overcomes the drawback of inaccurate beam-focusing  due to flue vibration or thermal expansion.

Technical Parameters

Measurement methodsingle end insert in situ closed cavity measurement
Measurement range0~20/50/100ppm
Linear error≤±1%FS
Resolution0.01 PPM
System structurecontrol cabinet + measurement unit (" one drag N "distributed design is optional)
Operating temperature range of measuring unit250~400) ℃
Display modeTFT true color LCD screen
Digital output (reserved)1 way RS485
Power supply220 (1±10%) VAC